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Why buy a Safe?

  • Assurance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Make Your Life Simpler
  • Protect Your Family and Home
  • Keep Important Documents Out of the Wrong Hands

Most people don't ever think they need a safe, that is, until they wish they'd had one.

At OZ SAFE we know that you've worked hard for what you have. The security of cash and kind is our highest priority. That’s why we make it our goal to work just as hard to see that you keep it, and keep it safe.

Ten reasons why you should purchase an OZ Safe:

  • Manufactured to the Highest Standard by Australian Engineers
  • Hold Major contracts with Various State/Federal Governments and Inter national Bodies and leading corporate Business within Australia and New Zealand
  • Unequal in the design, manufacturing, repairing/relocation and servicing of safes throughout Australia .
  • Dedicated to the customer and provide Insurance rating advice
  • Manufacture with Heavy Gauge steel
  • Reinforced walls with high Barrier Matrix
  • Drug safes conform to Health Department Specifications
  • Direct Access to the manufacturer
  • Premier craftsmanship through manufacture and a "benchmark" - 5 point guarantee
  • The use of quality products including up to one million variations on combination locks
  • Australian Made and owned
  • Its simple check the weight and rating of our competitors
  • Create security not an illusion

The majority of residential burglaries happen during the day, when the home or apartment is known to be unoccupied. Even more substantial is the criminal profile of the burglar. Most are young males, who are generally non-confrontational, and wish to get in your residence, grab anything that can be quickly sold for cash, and get out! Items like jewellery, guns, watches, laptop computers, and other small electronic devices are high on the list. With this "strike fast" mentality, most burglars will be discouraged enough by a genuine safe that they'd rather just leave, than risk someone walking in during their criminal act.

Think about it, who knows where you keep?

  • Expensive jewellery?
  • Prescription drugs?
  • Emergency cash?
  • Personal documents?
  • Important financial records?
  • Protective weapons?
  • Laptop or MP3 player?

That's why OZ SAFE Safe Technologies makes safes, so you can feel comfortable leaving your castle, without having to worry about the treasures within.