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Our custom built safes are built to customers individual needs and budgets. This is the perfect alternative to our standard prefabricated range when you need something a little smaller, larger or stronger. With a total of over 35 combined years experience in safe construction we can build you virtually any shape or type of safe.

Usually one of the last items placed in the home or business is a safe. At times this can mean a safe is required in a non-designated or zoned area, at OZSAFE we understand this to be the case and make that extra effort to design a quality product.

OZ SAFE provides an excellent and unique product second to none throughout the Australian community. We provide the client fast and reliable technical assistance through high levels of security from fire and theft, within an affordable price range.

The keys to success for OZ SAFE - Corporate experience marketing and networking, responsiveness and quality, generating unique and repeat customers. We supply the following products:

  • TDR (Torch, Drill & Grinding Resistant)
  • Fire Protection – Above and Inground
  • Pistol/Rifle and Drug Safe
  • Domestic/Hotel/Government and Development Areas
  • Safe repairs and Finger Access Controls including main and individual door entries
  • Accommodation and Multi story existing and planned projects
  • Design Protection Torch/drill and grinding resistant –

Oz Safe design provides commanding security protection against Pneumatic/Hydraulic apparatus, explosives, fire and force.